The Association of Iowa Fairs (AIF) is a voluntary, non-profit corporation formed in 1907 with the intent of organizing the state, district, and county agricultural fairs of Iowa, festivals, associations, industry related businesses and individuals into one association that would focus on the improvement of fairs and related interests in Iowa. Throughout the years, the AIF has held steadfast to its purpose of promoting and encouraging the development and improvement of the fair industry in Iowa, while focusing on the education of the youth of Iowa, and showcasing Iowa’s agricultural, industrial and domestic heritage.

The AIF membership includes 106 Iowa County and District Fairs and the Iowa State Fair. In addition approximately 150 Associate Members are members of the AIF. These Associate Members include local festivals and chambers, artists and attractions, carnivals, agents, concessionaires and other businesses related to the fair industry.

The AIF functions through a Board of Directors that consists of 12 District Directors, two from each of the six fair districts in Iowa. Member Fairs from each district elect their respective AIF District Directors. Directors are limited to serving 6 two-year consecutive terms on the Board. Officers of the Board are made up from members of the Board and include the President, First Vice President and Second Vice President. Officers serve a one-year term in their respective position and are elected to these positions by members of the Board. The AIF Board appoints its Executive Director and Executive Secretary/Treasurer. Both of these positions are non-voting positions. Also serving on the AIF Board are a Legislative Advisor, Legal Advisor and 3 ex-officio members representing the associate membership of the AIF. The 5 member Executive Committee of the Board in made up of the Immediate Past President, current President and First Vice President, the Executive Director and Executive Secretary/Treasurer.

The AIF hosts two district meetings in each of the six districts each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The AIF also organizes its Conference and Annual Meeting, held yearly in December. At this Conference, all AIF members gather for 3 days of educational workshops and seminars, interaction between fair members and associates for the purpose of booking entertainment and purchasing fair related supplies and social events including an awards banquet, benefit auction and spouses’ activities to name a few. Iowa Sate Fair Board Directors are elected at the Conference by member fairs.

The AIF maintains a current listing of all members and regularly provides its members will information pertinent to the membership, and maintains a website that is accessible to all persons interested in the AIF and its members. The AIF also is active in legislative efforts in Iowa, spending much time lobbying for legislation that will benefit all members of the AIF. The AIF employs a registered lobbyist to work with elected officials and the Governor’s office throughout the year on all issues relating to the AIF and its membership.