SINCE 1907

A new AIF website will be coming in August 2022. The new site will feature an all-new look, better navigation
and other enhancements to better serve its membership and site visitors.

Welcome to the online home of the Association of Iowa Fairs. Iowa's fairs and festivals showcase the best that Iowa has to offer, including 4-H and FFA and open class competitions, diversity of foods that will satisfy all tastes, agricultural, industrial and home life exhibits, carnival rides guaranteed to thrill, and a wide range of entertainment for the enjoyment by fairgoers of all ages.

Over 3-1/2 million people that attend Iowa's fairs and festivals can attest to the great quality of life that Iowa has to offer. So no matter what your age, there's something at all of Iowa's fairs and festivals that will not only satisfy the fun-loving kid in each of you, but also experience the traditions and diverse culture that makes Iowa a great place to live!

The 2022 AIF Conference and Annual Meeting will be held December 9-11 at the Airport Holiday Inn in Des Moines. Membership in the AIF and Conference Registration is required to attend the Conference.